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SW-158 Radio buoy

Frequency of radio wave:1700KHz ~ 2850KHz

Wave type:AIA

Antenna out-put power:3 ~ 10 W for export

(Please specify the part number and frequency when you place orders.)



Radio Buoy SW-158 is a small size and light weight radio buoy. It is widely used in fishing industry and longline fishing.

When this radio buoy is connected with the fishing lines or fishing nets, it can easily be found by radio tracking devices. The radio buoy prevents the loss of fishing lines, at the same time it can be also used in both longlines and fishing nets to increase fishing efficiency.



1. Stainless steel. Compact structure. Lightweight. Withstand shock vibration and pressure. Waterproof.

2. Easy to handle. Easy to carry.

3. Excellent floatability and minimum swing.

4. The oscillator always sends a powerful radio wave; easy maintenance and inspection.

5. Using dry battery SW-168 or D-cell battery canister ST-168.



Frequency:1700 ~ 2850 KHz

Type of emission:A/A

Antenna out-put power:3 ~ 10 W for export

Effective range:Over 90 KM

Power supply:Dry battery SW-168 or D-cell battery canister ST-168.

Battery life:depending on the type of batteries

Antenna length:402.5 CM

Total weight:20.2 KG


Color of loading coil / Frequency range